2020 - 2021

One-of-a-kind audio chairs and showing them to friends. Their plan was only to produce a run of 10 chairs however the sound quality was so good due to the shape of the dome with high-end exotic speakers it immediately attracted interest from people who were excited about immersive audio and high fidelity sound.

2021 - 2022

By the second year of building these fantastic reference grade audiophile personal sound systems, it was clear that there was a large market and many specialized applications.

2022 - Now

Solodome grew to meet the demand and now Josh and Kris find themselves pushing the boundaries of the immersive audio space just as it explodes in popularity.

Solodome Chairs

All Solodome chairs are proudly made in Chatsworth California and shipped all over the world. For a personal tour of the Solodome factory and showroom please send us an email and follow us on Instagram